Mets 4, Cardinals 1: Three Up, Three Down

Bartolo Colon with the win, Daisuke Matsuzaka with the save, Bobby Abreu with a double. “I think we’re back in 1999 right now,” Anthony Recker jokes.


Three Up
1. Bartolo Colon: Taking his nine-run Anaheim debacle out of the equation, Colon owns a 2.33 ERA with 23 strikeouts and one walk in four starts. That’s pretty darn good.

2. Daniel Murphy: Two run-scoring hits, including the ultimate game-winner in the sixth, made Murphy a valuable contributor for the Mets.

3. Daisuke Matsuzaka: Matsuzaka hardly seemed to sweat in his first career save opportunity, dispatching the Cardinals 1-2-3 in the ninth. His success gives the Mets an extra ninth-inning option going forward.

Three Down
1. Lucas Duda: Duda had been chugging along fairly well since taking over as the everyday first baseman, but his 0-for-4 earns him a “Down” on an otherwise decent offensive day for the Mets.

2. Carlos Torres: It has not hurt his bottom line yet, but Torres can’t keep allowing baserunners if he’s going to be the Mets’ primary setup man. Then again, Terry Collins can’t keep leaning on Torres every night.

3. David Wright: Another 0-fer for the captain, who is not hitting up to his usual standards. In a way, that’s good news for the Mets, who are winning while they wait for Wright to come around.

Season Standings
Juan Lagares +4
Jon Niese +4
Anthony Recker +3
Bartolo Colon +2
Ike Davis +2
Jenrry Mejia +2
Andrew Brown +1

Dillon Gee +1
Gonzalez Germen +1
Daisuke Matsuzaka +1
Carlos Torres +1
Lucas Duda -1
John Lannan -1
Bobby Parnell -1
Scott Rice -1
Ruben Tejada -1
Zack Wheeler -1
Kyle Farnsworth -2
Chris Young -2
Eric Young, Jr. -2
Daniel Murphy -3
Jose Valverde -3
Curtis Granderson -4

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Anytime the Cardinals get beat is a huge victory.

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