Mets 4, Marlins 3: Three Up, Three Down

The Mets are on pace for 92 wins.

Three Up
1. Curtis Granderson: You hit a walk-off, you get an “Up.” That’s the deal. Always has been. Always will be.

2. Omar Quintanilla: With respect to Kirk Nieuwenhuis and his rally-aiding double, Quintanilla came through with the game-tying hit on a heck of an at-bat. It’s even harder to have that kind of plate discipline when you play as infrequently as Quintanilla does.

3. Zack Wheeler: This is a tentative “Up,” because Wheeler knows he must be more efficient. Six innings in 110 pitches is not going to cut it for a Mets team still trying to find a back-end bullpen mix that works. But boy was Wheeler sharp when he needed to be.

Three Down
1. Chris Young: A tough 0-for-4 from Young, who had been showing real signs of light at the plate in recent days. Any offense from Young would be much-appreciated by the Mets.

2. Gonzalez Germen: Five straight outs followed by two straight homers. Germen easily could have been the losing pitcher in this game, had things not broken in the other direction.

3. Eric Young: This is a real tough “Down” to give, but Young easily could have been 0-for-4 had his third-inning single been ruled an error on the shortstop. Still, consider this a “Down” by default, because everyone else on the team deserved it even less.

Season Standings
Juan Lagares +4
Jon Niese +4
Anthony Recker +3
Bartolo Colon +2
Ike Davis +2
Jenrry Mejia +2
Andrew Brown +1

Dillon Gee +1
Daisuke Matsuzaka +1
Omar Quintanilla +1
Carlos Torres +1
Lucas Duda -1
John Lannan -1
Bobby Parnell -1
Scott Rice -1
Ruben Tejada -1
Kyle Farnsworth -2
Curtis Granderson -3
Daniel Murphy -3
Jose Valverde -3
Chris Young -3
Eric Young -3

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