Mets Wins Above Replacement leaders through Week 13

Highest and lowest Mets WAR scores through Week 13, according to the web sites Fangraphs and Baseball Reference:

1. Daniel Murphy, 2.4
2. Juan Lagares, 1.6
3-(t). Lucas Duda, 1.3
3-(t). Zack Wheeler, 1.3

5-(t). Curtis Granderson, 1.2
5-(t). Jon Niese, 1.2

36-(t). Gonzalez Germen, -0.3
36-(t). Omar Quintanilla, -0.3
36-(t). Jose Valverde, -0.3

39-(t). John Lannan, -0.4
39-(t). Rafael Montero, -0.4
39-(t). Scott Rice, -0.4

Baseball Reference
1. Lagares, 2.6
2. Murphy, 1.9
3. Niese, 1.8
4-(t). Granderson, 1.4
4-(t). Duda, 1.4
4-(t). David Wright, 1.4

37-(t). Wilmer Flores, -0.4
37-(t). Lannan, -0.4
37-(t). Rice, -0.4
40-(t). Travis d’Arnaud, -0.8
40-(t). Valverde, -0.8

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