Alderson: “It’s got to be the right time for the right player under the right circumstances”

General manager Sandy Alderson spoke in depth today about Thursday’s non-waiver Trade Deadline, calling it unlikely that his Mets swing a deal between then and now. The highlights:

alderson2What will happen before Thursday afternoon?
“It’s very difficult to say. Had I to make a guess, I would say nothing will happen. But you never know what’s going to transpire in the next three days or so. Clubs that may be having conversations elsewhere circle back based on what they think their options might be. So I’d say we have an opportunity to do a thing or two, but we’re not inclined to at this point. It’s speculation, but I wouldn’t bet on something happening before the deadline.”

How do you assess the Deadline in context of the club’s recent play?
“We were 8-2 at home, and turned around at least for the moment the perception that we don’t play well at home. We were 1-3 on that road trip and finished 4-2, so not totally happy with 5-5 coming back so we’re still right there, but we need to start making up ground on .500. If we can do that, then we can start thinking about some of the other teams in our division and the league. We were challenged offensively on that trip, but by and large we pitched pretty well and that was encouraging. Lucas Duda was outstanding on that trip. You know, when I say it’s unlikely that we’ll do anything, we’re not anxious to be sellers. We’re cautious about being buyers. But we’ll see.”

You’re not sitting on any potential deal right now?
“It’s not clear that there’s something out there, but whatever may be out there may be prohibitive in terms of — I don’t want to say cost, because that suggest a financial component, but in any deal the cost is financial and prospects. Both currencies are important, and right now we like some of the players we have in our system.”

In general, have you been talking about buying or selling?
“Anybody who’s offering us a potential upgrade on our current roster is looking at our young pitching. And from the standpoint of those interested in our veteran players, we’re offering prospects. We’re in that position where we really don’t want to give up prospects, but we’re not anxious to trade for guys that can’t help us nearer-term. That may lead us to more of a status quo situation.”

At some point, would you be willing to splurge prospects on a blockbuster trade?
“That’s a possibility. In fact, to me that sounds more desirable than inching your way there, giving up prospects in more cautious transactions. So I wouldn’t rule that out. But it’s got to be the right time for the right player under the right circumstances.”

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