Why the Mets stood pat at the Trade Deadline

I’ll let Sandy Alderson dictate:

“There was some activity. Nothing came to fruition. There were some proposals that we made that were not acceptable and some made to us that we didn’t feel were reasonable. And so, while we were active in conversations, although not super active, we just didn’t make any deals. I think going in we didn’t intend to be sellers and we didn’t intend to be buyers necessarily. We were looking at the market and what it would dictate. We set a price on some of our players. And, under the circumstances, they weren’t met. So be it. We’re happy with the team that we have. We’re happy we retained all of our players. And we’re looking forward to the last 60 or so games of the season.

“The question of improving the club is certainly a legitimate one. In order to potentially improve the club some significant way, as opposed to some incremental way, we would have had to have been prepared to deal some of our young pitching. At this particular stage, we’re not prepared to do that, at least in the deals that were presented or were available to us. I actually think that if we’re going to trade some of our young prospects, that we’re probably better off doing that in the offseason. We have a known commodity in those prospects, I think a recognizable group of prospect assets in the game. In some way, we don’t want to limit ourselves to the options that are available now, as opposed to what we think may be available in the offseason. That leaves you with some sort of an incremental improvement. We just didn’t see that out there. So we were alert to the possibility, but we didn’t feel the opportunity presented itself.”

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I respect what Sandy Alderson said. Like other NY fans, I will be watching the Mets carefully in the off season. This team has been evaluating players for the last five years. They have assembled a good young base punctuated by some seasoned veterens and can make a run at competitiveness. It’s time to make the trades and free agent acquisitions to become an elite team.

Since Citi Field opened, I have not been there because the product was not worth paying to watch. In that time, I have been to Yankee Stadium 30 times. I think most Met or NY baseball fans share this view. If the Wilpons have the resources to be effective owners, now is the time for them to put their money where their mouth is. Jeff Wilpon asked the fans to come to provide incentive for them to spend. Jeff, business doesn’t work that way. What ownership has done is to devalue the brand from year to year. It’s time to make the move or sell the team before you bring the value down any more.

I would love to visit Citi Field. But if you don’t bring in a big time shortstop and a big time corner outfielder, I will be buying my insanely expensive hot dogs and sodas at Yankee Stadium for the foreseeable future.

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