How many miles do the Mets log in a year?

I stumbled across this site today and found it quite interesting: a cartographic look at how many miles teams travel in a season.

metstravelThe Baseball Savant map piqued my interest due to the Mets’ sheer volume of travel last season, playing Interleague series in Anaheim, Oakland and Seattle, in addition to their usual trips out west to Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. It turns out the Mets traveled 35,781 miles over the course of the summer, not including Spring Training hops to Las Vegas and Montreal.

What I found most interesting, however, was something I long suspected but had never seen in numbers: teams in the AL West are at a clear logistical disadvantage each year, traveling thousands of miles more than others just to play their divisional rivals. And teams in the Central fly less than anyone, with cross-country flights exceedingly rare.

That doesn’t mean you should feel bad even for the Mariners, who flew 51,540 miles last year and are due to lead the league again this summer. All teams travel on charters, meaning they breeze through airport security, the planes wait for them and they never have to make connections. But over a 162-game season, which wears players down enough as is, it’s worth noting how much those extra miles add up.

(The Mets, for what it’s worth, are scheduled to fly 30,289 miles this year, not including a spring jaunt to Texas. That’s 13th in the league.)

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