David Wright takes Noah Syndergaard to school

Update, March 4, 9:03 a.m.:

PORT ST LUCIE, Fla. — A day after Mets veterans David Wright and Bobby Parnell chastised him for eating in the clubhouse during a game, rookie Noah Syndergaard apologized for actions that he called “straight-up ignorance on my part.”

“It was just really a mistake on my part,” Syndergaard said. “It was a learning experience for me. I should have been on the bench.”

During the middle innings of Tuesday’s intrasquad game at Tradition Field, Syndergaard, who was not scheduled to pitch, ducked into the clubhouse and sat down to eat. Wright was already out of the game and when the captain spotted Syndergaard, he scolded him for not being on the bench supporting his teammates. Parnell then walked over, grabbed Syndergaard’s lunch and threw it in the trash.

“I thought it was OK,” Syndergaard said. “I thought there would be a difference — it wasn’t me being in there with my feet up watching TV. I was just grabbing a quick bite to eat. I learned from that mistake, and next time it won’t happen again.”

In his second big league camp at age 22, Syndergaard spoke with Wright again early Wednesday morning to clear up any lingering ill will.

“He didn’t want me to think him and Bobby were picking on me,” Syndergaard said. “He just wanted to make it clear they care about me, they want me to be a part of the team, because they think I can contribute in the future.”

“You see something that can help a player out and you say it,” said Wright, the Mets’ captain for the past two seasons. “It’s the way that we get on each other that maybe some people don’t get or understand. But I’ve got three younger brothers. It’s the way that I’d get on them and that’s what it’s like in here. You have some older brothers and you have some younger brothers. If you see something that can ultimately help them, or help the team, you get on them a little bit. And we wouldn’t do it to somebody that we didn’t think could take it, or that we didn’t think was one of us. I like Noah. I’ve gotten to know Noah over the last couple of years. He’s one of us.”

It was a lesson, Wright said, that he would not hesitate to deliver again — though he apologized to Syndergaard for delivering this one in such a public setting.

“There was no chastising going on,” Wright said. “I was giving a guy a hard time. I do most things with a smile on my face, or I like to think I do. There was nothing malicious.”

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