David Wright: Mejia “messed up and he needs to be punished”

David Wright, the son of a police officer, had some strong words to say about Jenrry Mejia’s drug suspension:

What is your reaction to Jenrry Mejia’s suspension?

“It’s obviously disappointing. Not only do you cost yourself 80 games and don’t get paid, but you’re hurting everyone in here. You’re letting down your teammates. And that probably means just as much, if not more, than hurting yourself. We’ve all discussed the drug policy at lengths. I think that the Players’ Association, the Commissioner’s Office, everybody in baseball has done their best to try to clean up this game as much as possible. And as much as it hurts, as much as we love Jenrry as a teammate, if you make a mistake, you’re going to be punished. Once Jenrry serves his punishment and comes back, we’ll welcome him and do whatever we can to make him feel like he’s part of this team. But for right now, he messed up and he needs to be punished.”

Does it surprise you?

“I’m not sure how surprised I am. There have been guys that have been suspended. There have been guys that have failed drug tests, and there are guys that continue to try to cheat the system or fail drug tests. The good news is it seems like the program is working. We’re trying to weed out the people who gain an unfair advantage. Unfortunately this time, it was a teammate.”

Will guys always try to cheat?

“It seems like it. I’m not sure what more we can do as a Players’ Association, or in baseball, to maybe educate everybody. But as much as you try to educate, there’s always going to be guys who try to beat the system. I’m not sure what Jenrry’s case was. I haven’t read if Jenrry said anything about it. But again, it’s just rules. You break rules, you get punished. You serve your punishment, you get back and we’ll try to welcome him back.”

Does Mejia owe the team an apology?

“I don’t know. I think he definitely let his teammates down. We’re disappointed in him. I’m not sure if that warrants an apology, but again, I think everybody in here would say that it’s pretty disappointing.”

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