Mets WAR leaders through Week 3

Time again to take a look at the Mets’ WAR winners and losers after three weeks of the season, per Fangraphs and Baseball Reference:

1. Lucas Duda, 0.8
2-t. Bartolo Colon, 0.6
2-t. Matt Harvey, 0.6
4-t. Eric Campbell, 0.5
4-t. Travis d’Arnaud, 0.5
4-t. Wilmer Flores, 0.5
4-t. Curtis Granderson, 0.5

24-t. Sean Gilmartin, -0.1
24-t. Jon Niese, -0.1
24-t. Ruben Tejada, -0.1
28. Daniel Murphy, -0.2

Baseball Reference
1. Duda, 0.6
2-t. Colon, 0.5
2-t. Jacob deGrom, 0.5
2-t. Harvey, 0.5

24. Daniel Muno, -0.1
25-t. Rafael Montero, -0.2
25-t. Murphy, -0.2
25-t. Kirk Nieuwenhuis, -0.2
28. Dillon Gee, -0.3

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