Mets first-half WAR leaders

Time to take a look at the Mets’ WAR winners and losers after the first half of the season, per Fangraphs and Baseball Reference:

1. Jacob deGrom, 3.1
2-t. Curtis Granderson, 1.9
2-t. Noah Syndergaard, 1.9
4. Matt Harvey, 1.8
5-t. Bartolo Colon, 1.6
5-t. Lucas Duda, 1.6

34. Akeel Morris, -0.1
35-t. Michael Cuddyer, -0.2
35-t. Johnny Monell, -0.2
35-t. Danny Muno, -0.2
38. Alex Torres, -0.5

Baseball Reference
1. deGrom, 3.2
2. Harvey, 2.2
3. Jeurys Familia, 1.9
4. Granderson, 1.2
5-t. Duda, 1.0
5-t. Wilmer Flores, 1.0

28-t. Seven players tied
35-t. Eric Campbell, -0.3
35-t. Colon, -0.3
35-t. Muno, -0.3
38. Dillon Gee, -0.9

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Reblogged this on Just Mets and commented:
Jacob deGrom leads the way, and it’s (remarkably) not even close…

WAR is a statistic that does not do justice for the Metropolitan because it doesn’t show what they need the most witches better hitting. However, there is hope (see below)!

Desperate Fan Launches ‘Go Fund Me’ Campaign to Raise $3M to Get the Mets a Hitter –

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