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Mets WAR leaders, end of season

Highest and lowest Mets WAR scores in 2014, according to the web sites Fangraphs and Baseball Reference:

1. Juan Lagares, 3.8
2. Lucas Duda, 3.3
3. Jacob deGrom, 3.0
4. Daniel Murphy, 2.6

5. Bartolo Colon, 2.1

41-(t). John Lannan, -0.4
41-(t). Omar Quintanilla, -0.4

41-(t). Scott Rice, -0.4
44. Chris Young, -0.6
45. Gonzalez Germen, -0.7

Baseball Reference
1. Lagares, 5.5
2. Duda, 3.7
3. deGrom, 3.1

4. David Wright, 2.8
5. Murphy, 2.0

40-(t). Juan Centeno, -0.3
40-(t). Josh Satin, -0.3
42-(t). Lannan, -0.4
42-(t). Rice, -0.4

44. Bobby Abreu, -0.6
45. Jose Valverde, -0.8

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Andres Torres visits DC United

It’s been a good trip to Washington for the sports fans on the Mets. A day after Justin Turner, Jon Niese, Ike Davis and a dozen others watched the U.S. men’s basketball team take on Brazil in an exhibition, soccer fan Andres Torres attended the DC United’s practice in Washington. Here are some pictures from Torres’s trip, courtesy the United’s public relations staff:

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Report from Port St. Lucie, 3/24

Though Terry Collins admitted Saturday that Opening Day does not look good for Andres Torres, the center field situation actually grew somewhat clearer thanks to comments from Sandy Alderson. Basically, it comes down to this:

  • If Torres and backup Scott Hairston are both healthy in time for Opening Day, the Mets will fill their final bench spot with either Mike Baxter or Adam Loewen.
  • If one of Torres or Hairston is healthy, the Mets will still proceed with Baxter or Loewen on their bench, plus likely either Jordany Valdespin or Vinny Rottino.
  • If neither Torres or Hairston is healthy, the Mets will take a natural center fielder north: Kirk Nieuwenhuis if healthy, otherwise Matt den Dekker.

One other note from Saturday’s game: Mike Pelfrey tweaked his mechanics and came away pleased with the results in a 6-6 tie. Do with that information what you will.

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Report from Port St. Lucie, 3/22

It’s been a while since the Mets have enjoyed a full day of truly, unanimously positive injury news. Thursday was that day, with David Wright participating in a full workout for the first time since his injury (see batting practice photo below), Scott Hairston taking dry swings outside and Andres Torres feeling improvement in his tight left calf. If all three are ready for Opening Day, it will make things a lot easier for Terry Collins, who is struggling in particular with his center field roster decisions.

I also took a look today at some of the defensive data predicting a poor season for the Mets, particularly the Plus/Minus system in John Dewan’s “The Fielding Bible Volume III.” If you’re interested in that sort of thing, I’d suggest checking out Dewan’s Fielding Bible website, where you can purchase a copy of his book.

Oh, and R.A. Dickey took a no-hitter into the sixth, bidding to do in Spring Training what no Mets pitcher has ever done in the regular season. Ultimately, he fell a dozen outs short.

Still not convinced it was a good day for the Mets? Chipper Jones announced that he will retire after the season, leading Wright and others to reflect on the surefire Hall of Famer’s history of tormenting of their franchise.

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Report from Port St. Lucie, 3/21

It’s getting down to the most interesting time in camp, when game action is magnified and competitions really start heating up. To that end, Terry Collins called Johan Santana’s 69 pitches in Wednesday’s game “a giant step forward” in Santana’s road back from left shoulder surgery.

Other than Santana, the most interesting aspect of camp right now may be the center field situation, with Andres Torres still nursing a tight left calf, Jason Bay volunteering to sub in center, Jordany Valdespin experimenting at the position while hitting the cover off the ball, and Mike Baxter and Adam Loewen still duking it out for a bench job that is purportedly still one of theirs to lose. I profiled Baxter, a Queens native, for today.

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Mets injury report (as of 3/13)

Below are the 15 players who have missed time to due injuries suffered during Mets camp:

1B Ike Davis
Injury: Valley Fever diagnosis
Status: Monitoring situation but proceeding as if healthy

2B Reese Havens
Injury: Lower back soreness
Status: No timetable for return

3B David Wright
Injury: Left ribcage tightness
Status: Hopes to begin baseball activities this weekend

3B Zach Lutz
Injury: Left elbow soreness
Status: Returned to lineup 3/9

SS Ruben Tejada
Injury: Left groin strain
Status: Day-to-day

SS Ronny Cedeno
Injury: Tendinitis in both knees
Status: Day-to-day

OF Lucas Duda
Injury: Lower back stiffness
Status: Returned to lineup 3/12

OF Andres Torres
Injury: Right glute tightness
Status: Returned to lineup 3/11

OF Scott Hairston
Injury: Left oblique strain
Status: Has not begun baseball activities; no timetable

OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Injury: Right oblique strain
Status: Day-to-day

RHP Pedro Beato
Injury: Right rotator cuff inflammation
Status: Scheduled to throw off flat ground Wednesday

RHP D.J. Carrasco
Injury: Twisted right ankle
Status: Day-to-day

LHP Tim Byrdak
Injury: Left knee meniscus tear
Status: Underwent surgery Tuesday, six-week recovery

LHP Daniel Herrera
Injury: Lower back tightness
Status: Day-to-day

LHP Robert Carson
Injury: Right oblique strain
Status: Returned to bullpen 3/11

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Torres working on ADHD awareness film

New Mets center fielder Andres Torres was diagnosed with ADHD in 2002 but refused to take medication for the disorder for several years. After coming to grips with his condition and winning a World Series title in 2010, Torres began work on a film to educate children and adults about the disorder. Below is a preview of that film:

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Torres/Ramirez call transcript

The Mets held an introductory conference call this afternoon with new acquisitions Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez. The story is up on, but here’s the full transcript of the call:

Andres, what was the difference for you between 2010 and 2011?

Torres: “Last year, I had injuries. I was battling injuries. It was a tough year for me, to be honest with you guys. But this year, I feel great. I’m training. I’m back on track. I’m working hard on hitting. And I’m ready. I’m excited to go to New York and play my game. I’m prepared to have a better season than 2010. And I feel like I will. Because I believe in myself. I’m just working really hard, really hard. And I’m ready to go for it.”

Andres, what makes Ramon such an effective pitcher?

Torres: “Oh, wow. His location is amazing. Ramon, he’s a great pitcher. He locates the ball so good. I’m in center. I always watch pitchers. He’s got the changeup, slider. He’s really good. I told Ramon, ‘It’s amazing how you locate the ball.’ And that’s the key for pitching. You locate the ball on the corners, I think you’re going to be very successful.”

Andres, what makes you a good fit for the leadoff spot?

Torres: “I think my job is to get on base. I feel good, because I know I’m working to hit line drives, get on base, hit doubles. I know I can hit the ball all over the field. I can make things happen. I’m working hard for that. I keep the clubhouse loose. I always try to talk with everybody. With the guys, I just think we have to feel comfortable with everyone in this clubhouse. Just go out there and have fun.”

Is it difficult going from a playoff contender to a team with lower expectations?

Torres: “I’m excited. I know with me and Ramon and the rest of the players here, we’ve got to go. And it’s winning. I think anything can happen. If we play together, we can win. I know people talk about things, but I believe that. We have to push ourselves to do the best, and good things are going to happen. We’re going to play hard baseball. Last year, it wasn’t a good year. But this year I’m coming to play the game. And next year, I’m going to be ready and play my game and all the rest. Every year is a challenge. You want to go out there and perform and do your best and try to win ballgames. That’s what it’s all about. Playing good defense, good pitching and we hit. I think that’s a big key, too.”

Do either of you know any of your new Mets teammates?

Ramirez: “I was playing with Jason Bay. When I was in Boston, I played with him.”

Torres: “I played with Frank Francisco with Texas. … I just see a lot of them on TV. But, to be honest, I haven’t played with them with the same team.”

Andres, you’ve been open about your struggles with ADHD.  How much has it affected your day-to-day life?

Torres: “I got diagnosed in 2002. I never was medicated. In 07, I started taking medication. I became better. I’m making a movie, it’s coming soon, about helping kids and people understand this condition. After I won the World Series, one of the owners of the San Francisco Giants, he told me about making a movie to inspire kids about my life. I was excited to do that, because it’s about helping others and how we get better. And I think it’s a great project. Like I said, it’s not about me. It’s about helping other people. And people look at me, all the struggles, but I became a world champion. And I’ve had a lot of up and downs, but it’s about making adjustments. Now, I feel pretty good. I am who I am. If I can help other people and other kids with this, I think it’s a great opportunity. I’m really excited with what I’m doing. If I can be a spokesperson for this, it’s great for others, too.”

Do you medication on a daily basis still?

Torres: “I have to take it. I really have to take it, medication. Because it’s helps you with your focus and how to concentrate better. People who have this have to understand that this is a condition that you really have to pay attention to, and the medication helps. It definitely helps.”

Andres, Terry Collins has talked about the energy you bring. Do you feel comfortable trying to replace Jose Reyes as a spark for the team?

Torres: “Oh, yeah. I admire Reyes. He’s one of the best, most exciting players in the game. I’m very pumped. I know what I can bring. I know how I can play the game. I’m very excited. I’m working, hitting, hitting long drives. I know he’s always been the guy that brings energy. I want to play my game, Andres Torres. I’m working hard to be an exciting player to. I just want to go there to New York, bring energy and get the team pumped. And do my best.”

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