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Jeter on Wright: “They named him captain for a reason”

Yankees captain Derek Jeter had some very complimentary things to say today about the newest member of MLB’s captain club, David Wright:

Your thoughts on the Mets naming Wright captain?
“Good for him. I’ve played with him in the WBC and played against him a lot. Good for him. He’s represented that organization as well as anyone throughout the years. I know he takes a big part of the responsibility over there. I’m happy for him.”

Will his responsibilities change?
“First of all, just because you’re named captain doesn’t mean that you’ve got to do something that you don’t normally do. He should continue to do what he’s doing. They named him captain for a reason, so it’s not now all of a sudden that you turn into someone that you’re not. I think he’ll do just fine. He just needs to continue to do the things that made him successful up until this point.”

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