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Mets 5, D-backs 2: Three Up, Three Down

The Mets swept the Snakes to complete a 6-3 road trip through Atlanta, Anaheim and Phoenix.


Three Up
1. Dillon Gee: 
I wish Terry Collins had given Gee an opportunity for a “Maddux” — a complete game in less than 100 pitches. Gee was well on his way to one through seven shutout innings, with just 72 pitches.

2. Anthony Recker: Given far more opportunities than he received a year ago, Recker has done nothing but produce. Both his offense and defense appear much-improved over last season.

3. Eric Young, Jr.: Young remains hot, with another hit, a walk, two stolen bases and a run scored Wednesday. He is making a believer out of those people — myself included — who considered him a poor fit for everyday leadoff duties.

Three Down
1. Jose Valverde: Back-to-back homers to open an inning, even in a non-save situation, are never good things for a closer. Valverde’s last two outings have both been real struggles.

2. Kirk Nieuwenhuis: One day after his explosive season debut, Nieuwenhuis settled back to earth with an 0-for-4 afternoon. He is the leading candidate to return to Triple-A Las Vegas on Friday when the Mets activate Chris Young from the disabled list.

3. Kyle Farnsworth: This is a more legitimate “Down” than yesterday, though Farnsworth did paint the inside corner with a nice pitch to retire Eric Chavez in the eighth, wriggling out of a jam of his own making.

Season Standings
Juan Lagares +4
Anthony Recker +3
Ike Davis +2
Gonzalez Germen +2
Jon Niese +2
Carlos Torres +2
Andrew Brown +1
Jenrry Mejia +1
Kyle Farnsworth -1
John Lannan -1
Bobby Parnell -1
Scott Rice -1
Jose Valverde -1
Zack Wheeler -1
Eric Young, Jr. -1
Travis d’Arnaud -2
Lucas Duda -2
Ruben Tejada -2

Daniel Murphy -4

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Mets Wins Above Replacement leaders through Week 2

Highest and lowest Mets fWAR scores through Week 2, according to the web site

1. Juan Lagares, 0.4
2-(t). Ike Davis, 0.2
2-(t). Lucas Duda, 0.2
2-(t). Curtis Granderson, 0.2
2-(t). Gonzalez Germen, 0.2
2-(t). Carlos Torres, 0.2

30-(t). Dillon Gee, -0.3
30-(t). Bartolo Colon, -0.3
32-(t). Ruben Tejada, -0.4
32-(t). John Lannan, -0.4

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Angels 5, Mets 4: Three Up, Three Down

This one took 11 innings.


Three Up: Josh Satin, Carlos Torres, Travis d’Arnaud
Three Down: Dillon Gee, Jeurys Familia, Juan Lagares

Season Standings
Juan Lagares +3
Ike Davis +2
Gonzalez Germen +2
Carlos Torres +2
Andrew Brown +1
Bartolo Colon +1
Kyle Farnsworth +1
Jon Niese +1
Anthony Recker +1
Jose Valverde +1
David Wright +1
Lucas Duda -1
Jeurys Familia -1
Dillon Gee -1
Bobby Parnell -1
Zack Wheeler -1
Travis d’Arnaud -2
John Lannan -2
Ruben Tejada -2
Eric Young, Jr. -2
Daniel Murphy -3

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Mets Wins Above Replacement leaders through Week 1

Highest and lowest Mets fWAR scores through Week 1, according to the web site

1. Juan Lagares, 0.4
2. Jose Valverde, 0.3
3-(t). David Wright, 0.1
3-(t). Lucas Duda, 0.1
3-(t). Gonzalez Germen, 0.1
3-(t). Jon Niese, 0.1
3-(t). Jenrry Mejia, 0.1

17-(t). Dillon Gee, -0.1
17-(t). Wilmer Flores, -0.1
19-(t). Travis d’Arnaud, -0.2
19-(t). Eric Young, Jr., -0.2

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Dispatches from Port St. Lucie, 3/26

One more game in Florida, then it’s on to Canada for the Mets.


What we learned: Jose Valverde made the Opening Day roster. Vic Black did not.

What we wrote:

Around the league:

They said it:

“I didn’t see it coming, but I also couldn’t expect anything different, really. What I did was struggle all spring.” –Black on his demotion

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Your (unofficial, but accurate) Mets rotation

Though the Mets haven’t released it, we know enough now to cobble together the team’s season-opening rotation:

Monday, March 31 vs. Nationals: Dillon Gee
Tuesday, April 1: Off day
Wednesday, April 2 vs. Nationals: Bartolo Colon
Thursday, April 3 vs. Nationals: Zack Wheeler
Friday, April 4 vs. Reds: Jenrry Mejia or Daisuke Matsuzaka
Saturday, April 5 vs. Reds: Dillon Gee
Sunday, April 6 vs. Reds: Jon Niese
Monday, April 7: Off day
Tuesday, April 8 @ Braves: Bartolo Colon
Wednesday, April 9 @ Braves: Zack Wheeler

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Dispatches from Port St. Lucie, 3/24

The countdown to Opening Day is down to six.


What we learned: A lot, actually. Jon Niese felt no pain after his first bullpen session since undergoing an MRI on his left shoulder. Kyle Farnsworth will re-sign with the Mets. Matt Harvey will headquarter his rehab in New York, not Florida. Dillon Gee will pitch Opening Day. And the Mets have hired an assistant hitting coach.

What we wrote:

Around the league:

They said it:

“It’s a big honor obviously for them to trust me with that day and give that to me. I’m very thankful for that opportunity.” –Gee on his Opening Day start

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Dispatches from Las Vegas and Port St. Lucie, 3/15

One more game in the desert before the Mets head back east.


What we learned: Believe the hype: Cashman Field in Las Vegas is as hitter-friendly as they come. … Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias may miss significant time with a stress reaction in his shins, perhaps creating another suitor for Stephen Drew.

What we wrote:

Around the league:

They said it:

“If you get hit when it’s 117 degrees right here, you get to go into the air conditioning.” –Triple-A Las Vegas manager Wally Backman on Cashman Field’s unprotected dugouts

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Dispatches from Port St. Lucie, 3/5

The Mets split up on Wednesday but lost both games, anyway. Here’s a picture of palm trees to distract you:


What we learned: David Wright will play in a Minor League game Thursday, in advance of what will likely be his Grapefruit League debut on Friday. … Terry Collins is strongly considering batting his pitchers eighth this season, according to the New York Post, in an effort to generate more RBI opportunities for Wright.

What we wrote:

Around the league:

“I dedicate the rest of my career to him. Everything I do, I do it for all my family. But I do it for him, mostly. I hope he’s watching from somewhere.” –Mets roster hopeful Anthony Seratelli on his late father, Russell

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Video: DiComo talks Mets Spring Training

This is probably the only opportunity you’ll have to hear my voice dubbed over a B-roll clip of Bartolo Colon and his posse.

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