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Mets PR guru flies across country to prep Zack Wheeler

Here’s the latest evidence that Mets top prospect Zack Wheeler is nearing his big league debut: Mets vice president of media relations Jay Horwitz flew across the country on the team’s off day Monday to meet Wheeler face to face in Fresno, Calif.

The Daily News first reported Horwitz’s five-flight, 6,000-mile journey, which included a middle seat in coach and a 30-minute meeting with Wheeler lasting barely more than 24 hours all told. His mission: to assure Wheeler in person that everything will be taken care of once he arrives in New York, which could happen as soon as next weekend.

Once the trip became public Friday morning, Horwitz tweeted about it:

You may recall that the Mets were also cautious with Matt Harvey when he first came up last summer, shielding him from interview requests in the days between his first few starts. It was not until Harvey proved adept beyond his years with the media that the team loosened his shackles.

Wheeler’s personality is quite different than Harvey’s. He is quieter and more laid-back, so how that plays in New York City remains to be seen.

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Jay Horwitz, David Wright star in “The Citi Field Shake”

The Indians did it earlier this spring, now it’s the Mets’ turn:

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Jay Horwitz, professional butt-dialer

Never thought I’d see Mets PR director Jay Horwitz receive this much publicity for pocket-dialing the hundreds of contacts in his phone. But alas, click here for video of Matt Lauer and The Today Show gang profiling Horwitz’s odd communications issue.

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Meet Captain America: David Wright

Twitter has been abuzz lately with a new American superhero, Team USA third baseman David Wright, whose 10 RBI through four World Baseball Classic games are tied for the most ever in a single WBC. Television announcers have taken to calling Wright “Captain America,” so in advance of tonight’s game against the Dominican Republic, we asked fans in the Twitterverse for their best Photoshop mock-ups.

The winner, from @Miss_Met:

at Miss_Met

The runner-up, from @A_Ford5:

at A_Ford5

Some honorable mentions from @Miss_Met (again), @Ron_Gibbons and @bfeezy13:

Then again, it may be hard to top Mets PR guru @Jay_HorwitzPR, who appeared on Twitter as Captain America’s sidekick, Bucky:


As for Wright, the third baseman laughed when asked about his new Captain America nickname.

“Am I going to be walking around wearing a super hero costume?” he said. “Probably not. Maybe for Halloween next year.”

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The great Jay Horwitz joins Twitter

If you don’t already know about Mets PR guru Jay Horwitz, I invite you to check out this Wall Street Journal story from March 2011, which tells you pretty much all you need to know.

If you do already know about Jay Horwitz, you need to know one more thing.

He’s on Twitter.

Enjoy, folks.

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Jay Horwitz outshines Carlos Beltran

You asked for it, now you have it. Exclusive video of Mets PR man Jay Horwitz running the bases during Carlos Beltran’s simulated game today:

Congratulations, Jay.

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