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Citi Field food review: Pat LaFrieda’s meatball sliders

The Mets increased New York City meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda’s visibility at Citi Field this season, and are now hawking LaFrieda’s meat at hamburger stands throughout the ballpark.

LaFrieda also added a meatball slider stand in center field, next to his original steak sandwich stand (actually two stands now). I tried it Sunday, and came away impressed.


The sliders come in a boat of three for $12. That’s three miniature rolls with a meatball on each, topped with whipped ricotta.

The rolls kept a nice chewiness to them despite being thrown on the grill in what appeared to be a small pool of butter. One recommendation, however: if you’re going to try them out, do it before the game when you can relax at one of the high-top tables in center field. These little guys can be messy to eat by hand in the stands.


They’re also not quite as filling as LaFrieda’s signature $15 steak sandwich, which remains one of Citi Field’s better concession offerings. Overall, however, this is a stand I will revisit frequently over the course of the summer.

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Citi Field food review: Pat LaFrieda Korean-style steamed buns

Stumbled upon a new Citi Field food item today: steamed Korean-style short-rib and chicken buns at the Pat LaFrieda location on the Promenade Level behind home plate. My take:


The three buns (two short-rib, one chicken) were delicious, packed with kimchi and other accoutrements, though for $15 I could have used a little more meat in each of them. It’s a great snack, but for the money I’d prefer something a bit heartier.

LaFrieda’s meat, according to a Mets press release last month, is “all marinated in a mouthwatering blend of ginger, soy, scallions and sesame oil.”

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New Citi Field eats: Pat LaFrieda’s steak sandwich

Don’t get me wrong, Shake Shack is great. But there’s a limit to the burger joint’s cache at Citi Field, mostly because you can find it easily enough around New York City, the Eastern seaboard and, now, the world. (Dubai, anyone?) It used to be unique, but it’s not anymore.

Thankfully, the folks who run Citi Field’s concessions have constantly tweaked and improved over the past four seasons, this year alone adding a Greek stand in right field and Two Boots Pizza throughout the ballpark.

The latest addition made its debut Tuesday: Pat LaFrieda’s original steak sandwich, with a location near Shake Shack in the center field food court. Fifteen dollars gets you one black angus filet, topped with Monterey jack cheese and sweet caramelized onions, served with a secret au jus on a custom-made and toasted French baguette. Like Shake Shack guru Danny Meyer, LaFrieda is a celebrity in the industry — you can read about him in this 2010 profile in New York magazine. But unlike Shake Shack, you can’t get this sandwich anywhere else — Citi Field is LaFrieda’s first and only retail location.

I had my first taste this evening when the Mets delivered a cart of the sandwiches to the press box, and I was not disappointed. The bread is crusty and there’s a good amount of steak and cheese. If you don’t like onions, I would recommend ordering the sandwich without them — they dominate the flavor. But it’s a good flavor, and I’ll go as far as to say it’s worth the $15 if you can spare it.

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