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David Wright scratched with sore ribs

You may have heard that Mets third baseman David Wright was scratched from tonight’s World Baseball Classic game due to sore ribs.’s Joe Frisaro was among the reporters who caught up to Wright in Miami. Here’s the Q&A:

How long have you felt discomfort?
“For about a week or so, I’ve had some discomfort in my rib area. Obviously, every time I go in and get treatment for something like that, the team finds out about it. Which is correct. I got a phone call today from our trainer, Ray [Ramirez]. He asked me what’s going on. Obviously, I told him that I wanted to play. I told him everything that was going on.”

Who made the decision to scratch you from the game?
“Every time I go into the training room, you end up on an injury report. The Mets see that. They decided, along with USA Baseball and Joe Torre, that it would be best that they pull me from the lineup today.”

When did the discomfort start?
“When we started training in Arizona. Tomorrow, I’m going to Port St. Lucie to see Mets team doctors. I’m optimistic that they will allow me to come back and re-join these guys. I wanted to play tonight. But I understand the decision that was made from the Mets and Team USA. I’m disappointed. I think that goes without saying, but I completely understand the direction that they’re going.”

How have you been coping until now?
“It was something I was able to manage. Showing up on an injury report a number of different times is when it set off some red flags in St. Lucie.”

“I didn’t go in there right away. This has been happening about a week. I started going in there recently.”

Is it an oblique issue?
“I don’t know what it is. It’s something in the rib area. So like I said, I saw the team doctor here. They’ve talked to the Mets doctors. That’s ultimately when they made the decision to shut it down.”

How does it feel now?
“Obviously, it’s been fine to play with. Again, I understand the precaution that is being taken here. I’m obviously disappointed. I’m upset that I can’t play. But I completely understand. I had a long talk with Joe Torre about it. I told him that I’d like to play. I’d like to try to play. Ultimately, it was taken out of my hands by the Mets and Team USA. It’s completely understandable.”

When do you feel it?
“I don’t feel it much when I play. It’s more just, lounging around. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping, because you get it caught in a certain position. It wakes you up in the middle of the night. It’s more so, when I’m not doing anything, when I’m sitting around, it barks and bothers me. But then once I get it heated up and get it going, I feel pretty good.

“I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize [anything]. I owe it to the Mets to listen to them and to be ready for Opening Day. That’s extremely important to me. That’s something I obviously don’t want to jeopardize.”

Will this cause you to think twice about going to the next Classic?
“No. This has been one of the best times, obviously, I’ve had playing baseball. This is a tournament that I’ve said all along that I love participating in. I can only hope that I haven’t played my last game for Team USA. This is a wonderful tournament. By no means does this injury have anything to do with the format of this tournament, or playing in this tournament. This is one of those freak things where I woke up one day, and I was a little sore. We hadn’t even started playing any games when I first felt this thing. It’s one of those freak things.”

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Meet Captain America: David Wright

Twitter has been abuzz lately with a new American superhero, Team USA third baseman David Wright, whose 10 RBI through four World Baseball Classic games are tied for the most ever in a single WBC. Television announcers have taken to calling Wright “Captain America,” so in advance of tonight’s game against the Dominican Republic, we asked fans in the Twitterverse for their best Photoshop mock-ups.

The winner, from @Miss_Met:

at Miss_Met

The runner-up, from @A_Ford5:

at A_Ford5

Some honorable mentions from @Miss_Met (again), @Ron_Gibbons and @bfeezy13:

Then again, it may be hard to top Mets PR guru @Jay_HorwitzPR, who appeared on Twitter as Captain America’s sidekick, Bucky:


As for Wright, the third baseman laughed when asked about his new Captain America nickname.

“Am I going to be walking around wearing a super hero costume?” he said. “Probably not. Maybe for Halloween next year.”

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Santana eyes WBC while Mets remain cautious

Johan Santana has been working out recently with the intention of being in good enough shape to join Team Venezuela for next month’s World Baseball Classic. Now nearly two-and-a-half years removed from shoulder surgery, he is healthy and the Mets plan to treat him like any other pitcher this spring.

santanavenezuelaBut insurance obstacles could prove prohibitive in his quest to compete on an international stage. Because Santana finished last season on the disabled list, the Classic must be willing to insure the $31 million remaining on his contract for him to compete.

Even if Santana clears that hurdle, the Mets could ask him not to participate, as many teams do for older players — particularly for pitchers, and certainly for pitchers with his recent history of arm trouble.

Asked directly about the situation, general manager Sandy Alderson said he would not open that can of worms unless Santana approached the Mets asking to play. So far, the left-hander has not done so. But a second tour of duty for Venezuela — Santana played in 2006, but sat out 2009 while recovering from knee surgery — seems unlikely.

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Wright to play for Team USA in WBC

davidwrightwbcDavid Wright is among the first wave of big leaguers committed to play in the 2013 World Baseball Classic, MLB announced Monday. Wright will represent his country for the second time; in 2009, he hit a walk-off single against Puerto Rico to help the Americans stave off elimination. One Mets staffer recently referred to that hit as one of the top five moments of Wright’s professional career.

The Mets could have one or two other representatives in the WBC, including R.A. Dickey, who played for Team USA as an amateur in the 1996 Olympics. Team Panama will likely recruit Ruben Tejada to play shortstop, as well.

Manager Terry Collins said he does not expect to lose many players to the WBC, which runs from March 2-19.

Other early recruits from around baseball include former Mets Carlos Beltran (Puerto Rico) and Jose Reyes (Dominican Republic).

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