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Wins Above Replacement Leaders through Week 4

Highest and lowest Mets fWAR scores through Week 4, according to the web site

1-(t). Juan Lagares, 0.5
1-(t). Zack Wheeler, 0.5
2-(t). Daniel Murphy, 0.4
2-(t) Anthony Recker, 0.4
2-(t). Eric Young, Jr., 0.4

27-(t). Gonzalez Germen, -0.2
27-(t). Josh Satin, -0.2
27-(t). Chris Young, -0.2

30. John Lannan, -0.4
31. Ruben Tejada, -0.5
32. Curtis Granderson, -0.6

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Mets 4, Marlins 3: Three Up, Three Down

The Mets are on pace for 92 wins.

Three Up
1. Curtis Granderson: You hit a walk-off, you get an “Up.” That’s the deal. Always has been. Always will be.

2. Omar Quintanilla: With respect to Kirk Nieuwenhuis and his rally-aiding double, Quintanilla came through with the game-tying hit on a heck of an at-bat. It’s even harder to have that kind of plate discipline when you play as infrequently as Quintanilla does.

3. Zack Wheeler: This is a tentative “Up,” because Wheeler knows he must be more efficient. Six innings in 110 pitches is not going to cut it for a Mets team still trying to find a back-end bullpen mix that works. But boy was Wheeler sharp when he needed to be.

Three Down
1. Chris Young: A tough 0-for-4 from Young, who had been showing real signs of light at the plate in recent days. Any offense from Young would be much-appreciated by the Mets.

2. Gonzalez Germen: Five straight outs followed by two straight homers. Germen easily could have been the losing pitcher in this game, had things not broken in the other direction.

3. Eric Young: This is a real tough “Down” to give, but Young easily could have been 0-for-4 had his third-inning single been ruled an error on the shortstop. Still, consider this a “Down” by default, because everyone else on the team deserved it even less.

Season Standings
Juan Lagares +4
Jon Niese +4
Anthony Recker +3
Bartolo Colon +2
Ike Davis +2
Jenrry Mejia +2
Andrew Brown +1

Dillon Gee +1
Daisuke Matsuzaka +1
Omar Quintanilla +1
Carlos Torres +1
Lucas Duda -1
John Lannan -1
Bobby Parnell -1
Scott Rice -1
Ruben Tejada -1
Kyle Farnsworth -2
Curtis Granderson -3
Daniel Murphy -3
Jose Valverde -3
Chris Young -3
Eric Young -3

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Wins Above Replacement leaders through Week 3

Highest and lowest Mets fWAR scores through Week 3, according to the web site

1. Juan Lagares, 0.5
2. Anthony Recker, 0.4
3-(t). Lucas Duda, 0.3
3-(t). David Wright, 0.3
3-(t). Ike Davis, 0.3
3-(t). Carlos Torres, 0.3
3-(t). Zack Wheeler, 0.3

27. Bartolo Colon, -0.2
28. Curtis Granderson, -0.3
29. John Lannan, -0.4
30-(t). Ruben Tejada, -0.5
30-(t). Jose Valverde, -0.5

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Mets 7, D-backs 3: Three Up, Three Down

A belated Three Up, Three Down from last night’s game.


Three Up: Lucas Duda, Eric Young, Zack Wheeler
Three Down: Ruben Tejada, Andrew Brown, Ike Davis

Season Standings
Juan Lagares +4
Gonzalez Germen +2
Jon Niese +2
Anthony Recker +2
Carlos Torres +2
Ike Davis +1
Kyle Farnsworth +1
David Wright +1
Dillon Gee -1
John Lannan -1
Bobby Parnell -1
Scott Rice -1
Travis d’Arnaud -2
Eric Young, Jr. -2
Ruben Tejada -3
Daniel Murphy -4

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Three Up, Three Down: The Lost Episodes

All sorts of apologies for the lack of updates here, as I was sidelined by a nasty virus (probably the same one that has affected several Mets players this month). Here’s what I missed:

April 9: Braves 4, Mets 3
Three Up: Juan Lagares, Jeurys Familia, David Wright
Three Down: Zack Wheeler, Ruben Tejada, John Lannan

April 10: Mets 6, Braves 4
Three Up: Eric Young, Daniel Murphy, Carlos Torres
Three Down: Travis d’Arnaud, Ruben Tejada, Jenrry Mejia

Season Standings
Juan Lagares +4
Ike Davis +2
Gonzalez Germen +2
Andrew Brown +1
Bartolo Colon +1
Kyle Farnsworth +1
Jon Niese +1
Anthony Recker +1
Carlos Torres +1
Jose Valverde +1
David Wright +1
Lucas Duda -1
Bobby Parnell -1
Josh Satin -1
Zack Wheeler -1
John Lannan -2
Ruben Tejada -2
Eric Young, Jr. -2
Travis d’Arnaud -3
Daniel Murphy -3

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Your (unofficial, but accurate) Mets rotation

Though the Mets haven’t released it, we know enough now to cobble together the team’s season-opening rotation:

Monday, March 31 vs. Nationals: Dillon Gee
Tuesday, April 1: Off day
Wednesday, April 2 vs. Nationals: Bartolo Colon
Thursday, April 3 vs. Nationals: Zack Wheeler
Friday, April 4 vs. Reds: Jenrry Mejia or Daisuke Matsuzaka
Saturday, April 5 vs. Reds: Dillon Gee
Sunday, April 6 vs. Reds: Jon Niese
Monday, April 7: Off day
Tuesday, April 8 @ Braves: Bartolo Colon
Wednesday, April 9 @ Braves: Zack Wheeler

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Dispatches from Port St. Lucie, 3/14

…well, from Port St. Lucie and Las Vegas.


What we learned: Ike Davis and Lucas Duda are inching closer to game action.

What we wrote:

Around the league:

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Video: DiComo talks Mets Spring Training

This is probably the only opportunity you’ll have to hear my voice dubbed over a B-roll clip of Bartolo Colon and his posse.

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Dispatches from Port St. Lucie, 3/4

Not to be outdone by Noah Syndergaard, Zack Wheeler gave the Mets three brilliantly efficient innings Tuesday. But the story was Curtis Granderson, who hit two home runs in the win over Houston.


What we learned: The Major League Baseball Players’ Association is “keeping an eye on” the Mets’ financial spending, according to union chief Tony Clark.

What we wrote:

Around the league:

“Mom and dad are here today. They might not approve.” –Granderson on why he has not joined the crew of Mets modeling their hair after Wright

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Mets Spring Training: Week two in review

Here’s a recap of what went down in week two of Spring Training at Port St. Lucie, Fla.:


“It shouldn’t have been a story, anyway. It’s just an overblown thing. Everyone has injuries and then they get hurt. So it was pointless to write an article. I sucked last year because I sucked. It’s not because I had an injury. You always have injuries. And now it just looks bad.”

  • Davis and Lucas Duda later began their first-base competition with a bang, each homering early in Grapefruit League play.
  • The Mets received another injury scare when Jon Niese began complaining of a sore shoulder, prompting the team to send him to New York for an MRI. That came back clean, and Niese climbed back on a mound for a bullpen session Monday.
  • We profiled Noah Syndergaard, Daniel Murphy and Jeurys Familia. On Syndergaard, whose size and strength have earned him the nickname “Thor,” high school coach David Walden told the story of a pitcher who went from unrecruited to famous in the span of four months:

“We don’t even have kids that can play catch with him anymore,” Walden said. “We’re not taking credit for it because we have no idea what happened.”

  • And, finally, columnist Anthony Castrovince made his way to Mets camp, talking to David Wright, Zack Wheeler and others about the direction of the franchise.

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